Against food waste

At the beginning we conducted our research

Every year, an average European consumes 179 kg.of food and every household literally throws away 590 euros.

Then we realised

It is important, if not necessary, to immediately change our way of thinking and then our nutritional habits. The results of proper nutritional habits can be highly beneficial: to the environment, the society, as well as our family basket.

Finally, we made it

In marathos we are strongly against food waste. We literally provide you with a complete meal, from oil to spices. In addition, all ingredients reach you weighed and in quantities needed for the respective servings. This way, you do not throw anything away. In this way we significantly help you to avoid excessive purchases of food, which may be a considerable expense to you.

The quantities of raw materials that haven’t been used, are offered to people in need. This too is one of our objectives.

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