Against food waste

At the beginning we conducted our research: Every year, an average European consumes 179 kg. of food and every household literally throws away 590 euros. Then we realised: It is important, if not necessary, to immediately change our way of thinking and then our nutritional habits. The results of proper nutritional habits can be highly beneficial: to the environment, the society, as well as our family basket. Finally, we made it: In marathos we are strongly against food waste. We literally provide you with...

Let’s begin from the beginning. Why do we waste food?

By 2050, it’s estimated that the Earth’s population will top 9 billion. This growing population will undeniably put our food system, natural resources and ecosystems under immense pressure. And now consider this: currently we waste up to 40% of our food globally and 80% of that comes mostly from our homes. So, how come this issue is so hard to solve? Because researchers say “we are only human”. “We have some irrational tendencies, some aspirations that don’t match reality, and...

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