“Gemista” stuffed vegetables

Greece is a country famous for its history, climate, and way of life. When you travel to Greece great weather and kind welcoming locals are a given, which are some of the reasons why people visit this magical country. Another reason is the food. Traditional Greek food is considered to be one of the best food in the world. Because of Greece’s geographical location, it combines elements from both Eastern and Western cultures, making its gastronomic experience unique, one of a kind.

In Marathos we bring all the Greek zeal, warmth and hospitality right in to your kitchen. Our meal kits bring original, healthy, delicious Greek food to your doorstep.

So let’s start with our infamous stuffed vegetables or “Gemista”. It is not possible to talk about vegetables, the Mediterranean diet and Greek food without mentioning “Gemista”. At first glance you may think it is a starchy dish, but once you take a look at our recipe you will notice it’s filled with vitamins, fiber, and nutrients. Our Take & Bake stuffed vegetables, tomatoes and green peppers stuffed with groats, raisins, pine-nuts and herbs, is one of the Greeks’ favorite summer recipes, and one of the most popular comfort foods which remain healthy.

It’s so simple anyone can do it! All you need to do is cut and scoop our fresh organic tomatoes and green peppers, mix the organic herbs and the remaining ingredients provided, stuff the vegetables, drizzle with Virgin Greek Olive Oil and bake!

This heavenly dish, the symbol of Greek summer, is ready to be served, delighting you and your loved ones.

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