Good nutrition habits

The chef and our nutritionist plan a balanced menu:

The principles of good nutrition habits are important for every menu we plan for you. This is our base. So the chef and our nutritionist meet every week. They discuss, exchange views and prepare a complete menu, in order to cover in balance all the needs of the body. Thus, you can be rest assured that your meals are nutritionally controlled and rich in vegetables.

We also know very well that quality raw materials can make a well cooked dish taste exquisitely. This is why we choose all our suppliers very carefully and we buy every day fresh ingredients for you, which we choose one by one. All our partners know our passion for high quality and thus provide us always with the best ingredients.

Quality Greek products:

Good domestic products are our wealth. Our confidence to the superior quality that several Greek producers can provide us with, is a part of our general philosophy. We support them since we believe in both local and seasonal products. Moreover, buying Greek meat and vegetables helps economic growth, while providing you with fresh raw materials.

Homemade broths and dressings:

We follow the example of good old moms. Therefore, we avoid as much as possible all preservatives and processed ingredients likely to be contained in several products.Our entire team gets into the kitchen to try the homemade broths and dressings prepared by our chef with fresh ingredients. They can guarantee an extra flavour and nutrients in every meal.

Organic products:

In case you have not already figured it out, we consider the daily consumption of vegetables very important. They help and also contribute to the balance of our body. Thus, we get our herbs and vegetables from “Vioagros”. They are all organically grown products and come from certified producers. As we consider them as a very beneficial nutrition habit, we want them to be free of any harmful substances. Our bet is to deliver fresh. That is, we want them to be cut, at the producer’s field and we want them to end up on your table the day after.

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