Our philosophy

The quality of raw materials

We buy for you fresh products every day.

We always choose our suppliers with strict criteria.

Organic herbs and vegetables are cut the day before from the producer’s field in order to arrive fresh to your kitchen.

Our cheeses come also from certified small producers.

The products we use are Greek, except those that are not available in the local market.

We love to spice up our menus with lots of unusual spices from around the world.

We are against preservatives and therefore we make our own homemade gravies and dressings.

The quality of services offered

Everyday our menu follows the philosophy of the beneficial Mediterranean diet. This means that the raw materials follow the seasons. So our main dishes contain only seasonal vegetables.

Our chef and nutritionist ensure that you receive a very balanced menu, extremely rich in nutrients. They also combine, in a very creative way, traditional Greek menus with suggestions of the international cuisine.

For each recipe we do a lot of testing, wanting to achieve the best result combined with an easy preparation.

Making your life easier

We want cooking to become a pleasant, easy and fun experience for you. That is why we undertake all preparatory works: we weigh all the ingredients, peel and cut the vegetables, soak the legumes. Then we place them in containers suitable for food, so that they stay protected and so that all ingredients are kept fresh until the time you cook them.

We design and draft the recipe cards with detailed instructions accompanied by photographs (“step by step”). So cooking becomes simple for everyone.

The weekly menu includes 8 different dishes. You choose what you prefer.

So, from today on, there will be no longer any need to wonder “What shall I cook for tomorrow?”.

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Minimum Order and Areas

Monday – Friday 11 am till 10:30 pm

Monday – Friday till 10 pm