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We are Eleni and Matoula and we support with passion homemade, well cooked food. This is precisely the “key element” that tied the bonds in our team. Even though we are all day in a rush with our work and obligations, every day we put the daily pot simmer on the cooker and sometimes even turn on the oven, to brown the delicacies we prepare. We could not have any other choice.

``Blame`` the summers of our childhood

Both originating from an island (one from Samos and the other from Serifos) we have never forgotten the flavours of our childhood’s summers. Each one of us, the ones of her place of origin.

We were then sent to the garden to cut fresh vegetables for the daily menu and we were even standing tiptoe or climbing trees in order to cut a juicy fruit. These times were a landmark in our memory, together with the unique aroma of fresh fennel, that tickled our noses.

And when, after swimming, we were all hungry and ran to the table, we ate the best crispy fried potatoes, the most fragrant and delicious stuffed vegetables in the world, because they had been cooked with love and lots and lots of care.

Parallel lives

While growing up, we were both caught by the creative frenzy of discovering flavours. When travelling, we tasted amazing dishes, to familiarise with the cuisine of other peoples in the best possible way. At home, of course, we never ceased to flip through countless Greek and foreign cookbooks.

Each one of us was experimenting with new materials, new combinations, new flavours. As time passed, we began to realise how important was the impact of quality raw materials to the final taste of a dish. Thus another great chapter opened in our lives.

We finally met

We were lucky. Professionally, we both followed parallel paths. We have worked for many years in big food companies. Thus emerged our acquaintance and friendship. Within this long professional career, we got to know a lot of things.

Among other, we learned how important it is to respect our relationship with the client and how necessary it is to follow all those systems and procedures which ensure hygiene and excellent quality in food. This is the only way to protect consumers.

All together in a pot

Nowadays, we mixed this long experience along with our knowledge and passion for good food. We matched inspiring, delicious recipes made of genuine materials, along with the possibilities provided by modern technology. And since the joy but also the need of sharing always hides behind food, we created marathos.

It is an innovative idea, as it transforms everyday cooking to a simple, pleasant procedure, accessible to everyone.

If one thinks about it closely, all this is nothing but our professional experience to date, blended with our childhood summers and…“distilled”. We looked for good raw materials from reliable suppliers and small producers and out of them we composed delicious and nutritionally controlled recipes.

We so managed to bring to your home a package of flavours and scents that will fill your kitchen. What should you do? Just put all the passion and care in their cooking.

We hope you enjoy marathos!
Matoula – Eleni


Our chef, the magician

We like to call him “Sorcerer”. We often sit and stare at the tricks he makes while cooking. We know each other for a very long time, but what has brought us even closer together is our shared passion for good food. We finally put all our fun and creativity in the same boat.

Our chef course, remains always tastefully restless. From the beginning of his career he has not stopped travelling in Greece and abroad. He likes to try different cuisines, he enjoys discovering each place’s raw materials and then he integrates them into its own menus.

Cooking without borders

He studied the art of cooking, but his professional experience at several well-known restaurants broadened his taste horizon. He loves the wise simplicity of Greek cuisine as well as the charming complexity of international flavours. He therefore believes that food has no borders.

It is an international code of communication, which touches all palates and always brings people closer together. All it requires is necessarily good mood and of course good company.

An ally in home cooking

The truth is that, as he passes hours and hours in the kitchen every day, there’s not much time left for him to cook for his family. So, as he realises the problem from his own experience, he becomes creative and simplifies the recipes he prepares for all of us.

Fortunately for him, marathos now exists! That helps him cook at home more often! Together we share the deep conviction that good ingredients and lots of love are the secrets to sublime cooking results! But however, let us reveal you what we think: we believe that he always adds a little touch of magic (spice) -glitter to his recipes…

Our nutritionist, Maro Tzoumerkioti

We met her when we contacted her, initially as a family. We wanted her to teach us what eating right means. We were that he has the gift of being direct. And so it is! We discovered the simplicity in the way she speaks and explains everything about her science.

She immediately helped us understand all the important aspects of our daily diet. It is that simple! Maro can educate, persuade and make you change nutritional habits. She is completely negative towards consumption of ingredients that harm our body. Nevertheless, she knows that abstention from several foods is not a good tactic either. Therefore,she permits small, harmless sins.

The passion for care

On the other hand, Maro does not bargain. In marathos, she is the closest co-worker of our chef. She discusses with him and analyses every nutritional aspect of each recipe. The result is that, sometimes, she is obliged to withdraw a recipe in case she considers it harmful to our body. Yes, it is true that at that time, our good working conditions are disturbed, fortunately just for a little while.

Her long experience as a nutritionist though, makes her an indispensable ally in our everyday work, as she is able to handle many different nutrition issues our customers may encounter. And because she likes to share her knowledge, we do not keep her only for ourselves.

She often writes articles on our site – which you may find in our “Nutrition Tips” link – as well as on our blog. She is also our valuable partner in marathos social media!

Telepon: 210 27 77 325


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