The one and only Greek mezedaki

Greek food is all about fun and sharing joy, always in the best of spirits. The Greek mezedes are the best nibbles to lift your mood and escort your ouzo! Mezedes, those legendary small plates of Greece taking you straight to heaven. They are not appetizers in the first-course sense. They are tidbits offered in a range of settings, from sunset admirers, to a late night gatherings in a café or even around your kitchen table!

This culinary custom derives from the ancient Greeks, who believed all guests should be welcomed and all drinks should be served with a nibble, a mezedaki. Three thousand years later and these delicious hot or cold dishes are still considered a vital accessory to a true, traditional Greek feast. The true spirit of all Hellenism is embodied in these small yet delightful plates, the invaluable art of sharing. This is the complete philosophy behind Greece’s culinary experience contained in one single treat, the infamous mezedakia!

In Greece we are delighted to share our food. In marathos we are dedicated to serve this purpose. We are here to help you in sharing our amazing mezedakia, spreading joy and warmth to all your loved ones! You can chose from our menu the mouthwatering Dolmadakia with egg and lemon sauce, our divine marinated octopus, our cabbage rolls and many other delicious, irresistible options.

And don’t forget, with all the dishes laid out and all your favorite people sitting around the table, sharing the bounty of food and love is the ultimate Greek experience!

Kali Orexi!

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