Why should I choose marathos

Excellent quality

We searched a lot, tried even more and finally made our choices. So we daily choose with care for you fresh ingredients of high quality from strictly selected suppliers who guarantee that only the best cooking raw materials come to your table.

Convenience and practicality

We do the shopping for you. This way you can use the time you win in order to do anything you fancy more We send you the ingredients for you to cook a full meal, accompanied with recipes, containing detailed instructions and photographs (step by step). This way cooking becomes easy, even for the “newly initiated” in the culinary arts. In case it is convenient for you, you can also receive your vegetables already peeled and your legumes soaked. This way you do not have to take care of their preparation!

Tasty and nutritionally balanced recipes

What we want is to propose you delicious but also nutritious and healthy menus. For this reason our nutritionist meets every week with our chef and cooperate actively, planning the menus. Our recipes contain fresh seasonal vegetables and also rare raw materials in order to propose you new tasting experiences.

Save money

With marathos you buy only what you need to cook your food. No more jars of sauces expiring in your closet, no more vegetables withered because they have not been consumed,no more expired cheese in your refrigerator waiting for you to find some time to bake the soufflé you ‘ve been thinking about for quite a long time.

You only buy what you need and, apart from helping your household economy, you also contribute in reducing food waste, caring about the environment and the society.

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Minimum Order dan Area

Senin – Jumat pukul 11.00 s/d 22.30

Senin – Jumat sampai jam 10 malam