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If you begin to deal with the quality of raw materials cooking, you become addicted. First of all, because you begin to realise how beneficial that is for the body, as well as to feel how nice it becomes to cook for the ones you love.

You also understand if the ingredients are not good, the result is always moderate, no matter how deep your knowledge on the culinary art is. We started our searching for our homes. But marathos became a passion for us!

That’s why we make sure our olive oil is extra virgin and our vinegar of high quality. Also our pasta, legumes, rice, cheese, as most of our raw materials, have to be Greek.

Below we will introduce you to some of our suppliers, of which we are proud:

Our butcher ``Liakos``

Had Ilias not been a butcher, he could be an excellent cook! He loves good food and knows the right way to cook each piece of meat in order to reveal its flavour. He has an inexhaustible passion and this is obvious in every corner of his butcher shop.

The shop windows shine, while different kinds of meat are placed there carefully, in beautiful trays. He proposes endless varieties of marinated meats, burgers, but also combinations of meats with vegetables and spices, which are by themselves an idea for a tasty meal.

Originating from Crete, he knows well the secrets of farming and chooses the best and most delicious Greek pieces of meat. He feels proud to offer this quality to his clients, but also lucky to be able to enjoy it himself. Now he also shares it with you.

We fish at ``Enalion``

Maria Gavriilidou is our person at Enalion. The excellent function of the fish shop,as well as the excellent quality of all fish and seafood are definitely to be considered as her personal success, since she monitors and controls their delivery every day, from very early in the morning.

As she counts years of experience in the market, she knows the right people in the fish gross market sector, who choose fresh fish and seafood for us.

Every time we go to Enalion, we can’t stop staring at the countless crates of fish that always smell of sea and we get to know all the secrets of the fish, thanks to the very friendly staff.


We choose the best organic vegetables from ``Fruits Forward``

It is not enough for us that the vegetables be just fresh. We want to offer you all of their beneficial nutrients at their purest state. Just as it was in the old home vegetable gardens! Thanks to its exemplary organisation, the great variety and high quality of its certified organic products, “Fruits Forward” provides us with all kinds of seasonal vegetables.

Fruits Forward researches the greek countryside to choose the best fruits and vegetables from qualified and established producers.

We trust this exemplary unit, because of the continuous controls of the producers and all respective certifications by all competent authorities. Vegetables are cut from the producer’s field during the day and come all fresh to your kitchen the very next day.


Our spices come from ``Bahar``

Spices charm us! They seem to have “magical” qualities. They tickle our noses, awaken the palate, give flavour to dishes and indelibly characterise the taste of several foods. The women who came from Smyrna and Istanbul used to know their secrets very well.

We spend hours and hours in the shop “Bahar”, in Evripidou Street, among colourful and fragrant sacks and jars. We ask, learn, smell and above all, trust this family business (established in 1940) for the quality and the knowledge of its products. Besides, it has more than 2,500 kinds of spices.


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